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    Change Playback Device on a specific person

    I have multiple playback devices on my system:

    • Headset Earphone (Default TeamSpeak Playback)
    • Speakers

    I'm trying to change playback device on a specific individual which is my MusicBot while the rest of the users would be using the default playback device.

    • Headset Earphone (Default TeamSpeak Playback)
    • Speakers (MusicBot)

    Are there any plugins/solution for this?

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    Just use more than 1 Capture/Playback profile.
    Set the profile(s) in your bookmark or change it on target tab.
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    Just in case you were actually looking for a way to have a single remote client on your local system play to a different device than all the other clients: It's not possible.

    If you're connected to a server, all clients on that server tab will be played through the same playback device. There is no per client playback device.

    If you control multiple connections then you can have both connections use different playback devices as dante696 mentioned above. Again everything played through that connection will use the same device.
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    You can move your music bot to a dedicated "musicbot channel" and connect to that channel with a second connection in a new tab in your TS3 client. This second connection can have a different bookmark, thus a different playback profile, thus a different playback device.

    All people who want to listen to the music bot set up this way must open a second connection, though.

    The downside of this solution is the second connection, which is beyond the capabilities of most TS3 users.
    The upside of this solution is that you can have different codecs: small bandwidth opus voice for your voice channels and opus music for the musicbot channel for optimal music quality.

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