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    TS3 client.html/txt and server.html/txt Chat Log Splitter

    Today (yesterday) I created a PHP script that will take your channel and server log files for one of your servers and split those log files up in directories based on year, and then in files based on month:

    To use, simply place in %APPDATA%\TS3Client\chats\<teamspeak ID> and replace the $directories array with a single string for your server, for instance:

    $directories = array('.');
    Or if you backup your server chats like me, specify a list of directories with your oldest backups first. I'll probably be making a few minor tweaks in a few hours if I find anything wrong with my parsed chat logs.
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    Fixed two bugs, one where "*** Chat begins" was being logged twice, and a second where the meta tag was being pasted into the chat log multiple times.

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