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    Why did Teamspeak delete my question ?

    I posted an question on hiw to create an 2nd virtual TSvServer with YaTQA but when i posted it it said an mod needs to aprove it ?! That was 2 days ago... Teamspeak please clarify/explain what happended

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    Nothing was deleted. It was moderated for review (the message told you already).

    Ps it was 1 day ago since you posted your first question.
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    WHats the purpose of forums?

    I have an issue that I have posted 3 new topics about and none of them have been posted to the site. Therefor I am unable to get an answer or solution to the problem I am having! I have not even gotten a private message about my threads! So tell me what the purpose of these forums are when I don't get a response or my threads are even posted to try to get some help? What a joke!!!!

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