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    Webcam Support (Hear me out)

    Ive read the rejected post and yeah I get it, but that was 4 years ago, tech wasn't that good, nor did it predict the popularity of the "youtube celebrity"

    I run a lot of servers, I work with computers a lot and even have a 44RU server cabinet for my extra processing when needed within arms reach to the right of me at this very moment, so I know what Im doing and understand the bandwidth limitations, etc. but thats all in the past. Now, there are incredible encoders now that bring streaming video to less bandwidth than what audio was 10 years ago

    If you remember back to your childhood with Star fox how when someone would say something, their video feed would pop up in the corner of the screen, I just want something like that. I like to do youtube videos where I challenge gamer girls, models, etc to games to see if they are the legit thing and I just don't enjoy hearing it but being able to watch their reactions just as viewers would. Yeah there is OBS and all that and its just too much effort, but with Teamspeak, it can be hosted on its own dedicated server (my servers are multi processor (64+ lanes each with hundreds of gigs of RAMand terabytes of hot swappable disk space). Being able to handle video with the same program as audio makes it much simpler especially with a service like TS that can be hosted on a dedi. That allows me to transcode on the fly and directly upload to youtube through TS and a small script. It would make it easy for anyone to do this, add in guests to a game with their webcam and allow them to play along

    This is a feature, as a fan of TS, would pay for. Discord has an advantage right now, you can change that with this.

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    While I wouldn't see this implemented any time soon, it would be interesting as a long term goal.
    Currently all current users have to utilise a third party platform for a conference that uses a video feed, such as teamviewer, or

    With the recent work in expanding teamspeak, such as impementing accounts, and unknown territory that's been mentioned using a web engine, I feel like this feature will help teamspeak survive in the new age of communication and media. The current nature of permissions within the client can help provide 'Server Admins' the tools to ensure that this could not be abused, or limited to which they see fit. As well as the Server Licence Holder (who provide the dedicated machine), to be able to limit instances on their overall usage (meaning video feeds could be a premium if it's bandwith/resource intensive on their hardware).

    My major concern though is how this would be implemented into QT, my first thought is around detachable QT widgets, but I'll let an expert think about it.

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    Suggestion: Webcam or Cam on own TS³ server

    I have a suggestion to make Teamspeak even better. Skype and other commutation software already have the ability to use webcams and cams. However, that is a high load of Internet line. Teamspeak, on the other hand, is not and hardly or not at all charged the Internet line.

    If you have your own server where you can rent, as with TeamSpeak Währe that with the webcam or Cam but much more useful, I think because you could communicate much better, if you could still see your own TS server.


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