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    Please add ServerQuery events for server group changes

    Regarding servernotifyregister in ServerQuery,

    Please add an event that triggers when a user is assigned/removed from a server group. I also think there should be an event for every kind of thing found in the server chat, from nickname changes, to bans, et cetera. This would allow us more functionality, as we can have our telnet scripts respond to more stuff, and not just when people join a server, say something in chat or switch a channel.

    Thank you,


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    I totally agree, each logged actions on the client should be available through the serverquery client.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toine View Post
    I totally agree, each logged actions on the client should be available through the server query client.
    Exactly. They're already passed to the client, so they could easily spawn a query event.

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    ServerQuery was given to us as a tool, and it can be twice as useful if all events are programmed into the ServerQuery system. Events exist for some stuff already, but not others. So I'm writing here to formally request it from the developers.

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