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    Can't Connect to any Server and drops Connection when I am running a VPN

    Is there a way to use Teamspeak 3 Client aswell as a VPN without having Connectivity Problems

    I'm away from home, using my PC on a Campus Network. This campus network has admin controls blocking almost all websites, Teamspeak Client works on this Network but I need to Use Teamspeak on this Network at the same time as running a VPN to allow access to my server browser and other Applications, such as Steam.
    The problem, failure to connect to any severs or the dropping of connection is by my deduction caused because of the VPN. I have tried 4 different VPNs all run as Administrator to try and combat this issue, but aside from other issues the same result always occurs,the standard dropped connection or failure to connect message displays and Teamspeak 3 refuses to work will I'm on a VPN.

    Is there a way to use Teamspeak 3 Client aswell as a VPN without having Connectivity Problems or am I just having a problem that can't be fixed?
    Any feedback Appreciated

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    You have to use a VPN that allows you to use UDP and not only TCP connections.
    Or you use VPN that runs in your browser and not on your whole system.
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