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    [Request] Stezz Music Bot Update?!

    Hello guys
    so today as usual i was searching on the Teamspeak forums for a good plugin that allows me to play music ect.
    I finally found something by a amazing maker called Stezz he made a plugin for a client that can work as music bot.
    It allows you a lot of features like playing mp3 from a folder and even allow you to do !youtube [link] and it will play it. it uses a few programs but hey who cares... But here is the problem or request the plugin is outdated and i do not really think Stezz is still active on it i dont know i kinda hope he is and reads this thingy. But his plugin needs an update, well i am searching for a way to make it work with todays teamspeak. but i failed lol. If you can help me or know a alternative plugin same working kind of thingy it would be great, maybe we can create something together just tell me what you know or how you can help me! Thanks.


    Srry for my English, Can we even call it english?

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    My favorite is the "TS3 Soundboard" plugin.

    It can play lots of different types of files, you can set playlists, you can skip forward and backwards through the song your playing, add voice fx to your voice plus a lot, lot more! The installation and setup is made easy with a step by step tutorial but you better follow it step by step or you will likely have trouble with it working correctly.

    Download TS3 Soundboard here:

    Make sure the downloaded file name ends with ".ts3_plugin" and not ".zip". Change that if necessary then double click it and Teamspeak will install it.

    Setting it up:

    This is easier than it might look. Just follow the steps exactly and you'll have no trouble. You can even follow along with this video to get it configured. Just watch and pause, do the step in your TeamSpeak, return to the video and un pause ect...

    For an explanation of the various settings you will find inside TS3 Soundboard:

    I think you will find setting it up easier than it might seem and I also think you will really like TS3 Soundboard once you use it.


    Hugh Jass Koda

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