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    Add template group to drop down menu


    I would like to know if it's possible to add a template group to this drop down menu (I've already created a custom template using the serverquery admin) :
    This way i can quickly update all my server groups without having to edit each one of them.


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    Template and ServerQuery can not be shown in the Client context menu.
    Template groups are only used, when a server was created or when a permreset command was performed.

    More details

    Nobody should be able to see both groups types at all in our client user interface.

    You do not have to edit each group.
    You can use command servergroupautoaddperm or servergroupautodelperm in the ServerQuery interface to modify permissions from a sgtype on all exisitng servers at once.

    Type help servergroupautoaddperm into the ServerQuery interface to get more informations about that command.
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    Thanks dante696 for the quick reply,

    "Can be used to reset/overwrite just the target group via ServerQuery. "

    This is exactly what i'm looking for. It would be neat to have this option on the client interface:
    we can currently overwrite groups using the Admin, Normal, and Guest templates, but it would come in handy if we could just also add our custom templates there!

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