Here is what I'm looking for:
Self-contain certain server groups, so that Server Group A can't access Server Group B if server group A leader has a i_group_member_add_power higher than the leader of Server Group B

I was drafted to help revamp our permissions system that the guy before me screwed up majorly. Anybody coming in could daisy-chain their way up to server admin, due to incorrectly set up server permission values in the i_group_member_add_power ranges.

Here is how our server is currently set up, for example.
The groups with the "---NAME---" are headers, so when youre looking through someone's server groups, as identifiers, you dont have to read every single group
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Additionally, as a PART 2 to my question, I would like to know if theres a way to assign only a select few USERS to being able to add personnel to a group without making a whole new server group.
Thanks for your time!