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    TS Randomly turns off my mic and headset.

    Hey im new to ts forums but im having an issue with my ts muting my mic and headphones for seemingly no reason and the only way i can get them to work is to restart ts, but then i might do it again right away.
    i have reinstalled ts twice and i looked on the forum and i havent seen anything about this
    Thanks, HappyMask

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    I usually get an error like this if my headphones are removed and given a new id by the operating system.
    Might not be your problem, but what kind of headset is it? Try reinstalling it's appropriate drivers?

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    Thanks Scratch I'll try that when I get home, my headset is a logitech g430.
    Thanks again,HappyMask

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    I tried reinstalling the drivers it's still doing it. My headset is a Logitech G430

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    I am having this exact problem. I got a brand new USB headset and this was happening so It was so bad I seriously thought my headset was broken and exchanged it for another one. It wasn't until after the fact that I stopped using teamspeak just an experiment and realized that I've had 0 problems since. I don't know why this is happening but I'd like it bo fixed

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    A rather strange issue, one I haven't met before. I would try a
    few things, however;
    1) Try vary your press-to-talk key and see if it still happens.

    2) Check your TeamSpeak or Garry's Mod Audio/Voice settings to see if anything
    look suspicious or out of order.

    3) Check your devices on your CP, if on Windows. On Mac, check
    wherever it registers your headset/microphone and know if things are in order.

    4) Try any other mics or headsets you have and see if you
    face the same problems.

    5) And if all else fails, try removing any drivers for the mic or headset
    and reset them.

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