So I've never had this happen before on any other computer I've had, but my Teamspeak doesn't seem to stay on my computer if I sign out of my user [or any for that matter] as well as if I restart my computer completely. It's rather annoying having to download it every time I want to use it... but I can't figure out what's wrong.

What's nice, aside from downloading it again and again, I still have the server I use in the destination box - also, all of my server groups tags are there and I still have my usual permissions once it's up and running.

I've tried Uninstalling the program three times, now, and that hasn't helped at all... When I uninstall, I lose all the link/password/server group info and have to re-enter it all back in like new [as expected, of course], but the redownloading issue doesn't cease.

P.S. The initial program saves when I restart or log-out and back in, but the "Do you want to allow this app to make changes?" tab is the thing that keeps popping up and asks me to download the rest of T.S. so that I can use it normally.

Please help!

Thanks for taking the time to help also,