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    Question Move server view when move/moved

    Is it somehow possible to move the ts3 Servertree-view when I get moved from channel A to channel B so I can actually see channel B?

    It's a bit annoying when you get moved from the top channel of a large server to a channel near at the bottom and you have to scroll all the way down.

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    There is a way select and scroll to yourself in server tree.
    Go into server chat and then click on your nickname. Now select "Find client in Channel Tree".
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    Yeah but srsly.. that is more of an workaround than a real solution. Or better worded. It's a a pre 2010 Solution. But for nowadays there should be an option (so you can still disable it if you need it the old way) to let your clientview hope to your new location if you got moved or moved yourself.

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