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    Authorize Channel Admins to change other Channel Groups permission.


    I'm trying to allow ChannelAdmins to modyfy others ChannelGroups permission.

    I tryed to do in the same way it works for server groups:

    Rising up i_group_modify_power and i_permission_modify_power for Channel Admins while lowering i_group_needed_modify_power for the groups you want they can modify.

    But apparently it doesn't work for Channel Groups.

    Couls somebody help me?
    Thank you.

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    Since editing the channel groups are a global set of permissions that are applied locally you will be making the following happen:

    Say User A, who is channel admin in channel A, but no-where else, wants his operators to edit the description or some other attribute, they then edit the channel group.
    User B, of channel B may not want this way in his channels, and so changes it back.

    It is best that editing of groups, be it server (applies to all channels) or channel (applies to any where that group is set for that channel) groups, be edited by someone who has server-wide responsibility as changing either group can have knock on effects in any channel where they apply.

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