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    Teamspeak is making CSGO unplayable when I recive a notification

    I'm getting weird lags when someone chats in my channel or pokes me, I have a really good PC and never had any issues with teamspeak, but since yesterday I cant play when someone interacts with me via text.
    Just to be clear I usually get 300-350fps in csgo but when I get a notificacion I start stuttering and drop to 60 or 30 which is unacceptable.
    I tried reinstaling teamspeak and CSGO but nothing happened. Also I dont use any plugins/ Overwolf.

    My specs if anyone is wondering: i5 4690k, gtx 970, 16gb DDR3 and a 120gb SSD in which I have teamspeak installed, Widows 10 pro 64 bit.

    EDIT: I fixed it by reinstaling Nvidia Drivers and uninstalling Nvidia Audio Driver (which was causing the problem) then i updated everything again but the 3D Audio.

    EDIT 2: The problem is back, apparently it has nothing to do with the drivers, i tried re instaling 2015 drivers and the problem is still there.
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    60 to 30 fps are unacceptable? Afaik the eye can only handle 30fps
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    Which operating system are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratch. View Post
    Which operating system are you using?
    I am using windows 10, all my drivers are updated. I fixed it by reinstaling nvidia audio driver (the problem) and reinstalling gforce xperience and all gpu drivers.
    Thank you for your help anyways

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