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    TS app forces call mode on Android

    Hello, I have a Note 5 (Nougat).

    When activating Teamspeak, the phone is forced into "call mode," which effectively treats all audio as if I am on a phone call.

    When using a bluetooth headset, audio quality is compromised, so having another app running in the background (e.g. Youtube, Tidal, Sirius) will have extremely low quality audio.

    However, once I exit Teamspeak completely, audio quality returns to normal (as "phone mode" has ended).

    I know this happens because when I connect my phone to my car (via Ford Sync), I get the same issue when running TS. I have to push the "end call" button on my steering wheel, and I get high quality audio output from TS and from Sirius (if I have Sirius in the background).

    How do I "end the call" if I do not have a physical button on the phone itself? If I bring up the dialer, there is no active call, so I cannot hang up. There is no setting in the TS app that will let me do this either.

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    You may change your Playback / Record settings under Settings -> Audio Settings to change your phones behaviour when the client is running.
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