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    My theme got rejected, but why?

    Greetings Teamspeak community,
    recently I uploaded a theme to myTeamspeak but it got rejected. Because I don't exactly know why, I want to start a discussion here. The reason for the rejection was following:
    "- Minor changes to existing addon."
    First of all I want to mention, whether you believe it or not, that I wrote that theme completely by myself. I just checked my .qss file and noticed that I used the default style.qss as a base. Then I would have appreciated if you had told me to which addon I made "minor changes", so I could fix this problem, not that I think I have to, as I explain below.

    Because nobody told me, I checked a few dark themes and took the most equal looking one to compare to. In this case it was DarkenTS. Btw, just for fun I compared our .qss files and they are - who would have guessed it? - completely different.
    I also want say, that a dark gray background color should not be a criteria to reject an addon, because nobody but MSFT thinks that black might be a good background color in a dark theme. And don't forget that I'm just comparing the STYLE and not the ICONPACK, because my theme doesn't include an ICONPACK.

    Because this is my first post and I donít know how to use this shitty thread editor, you need to check this link to view the images or view the attachments (I added notes to the imgur gallery):

    I hope you understand my problem know, because a lot of effort and time went into this project and I would like to share my theme with the community! If you still think my addon does not meet your criteria I would appreciate, if you could tell me.

    PS: Left side is DarkenTS and right side is my theme.
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    Your best bet would be creating a myTeamSpeak Support ticket. That is how you get the fastest results for anything related to myTS.

    To the reason of rejection I can obviously not say anything. If it happened purely on visual basis without looking into the code you have to excuse the team. You don't find many original dark designs around, and (just judging from the screenshots) yours share at least some similarities with DarkenTS (which obviously is not a crime). However, those thoughts are just speculations on my part.

    Submit a ticket and get some more detailed answers that way. I for one would welcome some more original style creations on myTeamSpeak.

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    thank you! gonna try it out immediately.

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