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    Centering the Channel name of a Semi-Permanent Channel!

    Hello Folks, new member here. I just setup my new TS3 server. Fairly new to editing it since it's my first one, but it doesn't seem too hard and im getting along quite well. But theres something i'm struggling to work out. I don't want a bunch of new members to join all game channels, in case some peeps need "privacy". So i removed all guest permissions when it comes to moving themselfes to channels. What i want, so not everyone is stuck in the default channel, is to make one channel where those people can wait for admins to help them/give them server groups. So i have some questions here.

    - Can you grant new/guest users permission to join one specific channel WITHOUT making that channel Semi-permanent? If yes, how?

    - If the above doesn't work, i guess you have to do a Semi-permanent channel. This is something i try to avoid since, and here comes the problem, i can't center the name of that channel. Looks stupid because all the other important stuff is centered. So how can i center the name of a Semi-permanent channel?

    - And if someone has time over and would like to explain to me how the power system works exactly (value, skip, negate, grant etc) would be awesome! Or maybe a link

    Thanks in advance!


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    Just set a i_channel_needed_join_power of -5 in that channel and a i_channel_join_power of -5 in your guest group. Now Guest's only can join this channel.

    Temporary and semi-permanent channels can not have a spacer name.

    This document explains the permission system (including Skip, Negate etc.)
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