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    Can't Connect to server

    This morning i connected to server on which i'am an admin, been there for 2 hours, then disconnected.
    Few hours later friend wrote to me that i was needed for important case, and all i got was dialog box with "server connection could not be initialized".
    I tried connect to other servers, which i did succesfully (4 different servers). I tried few hours later, still couldn't.
    Tried through WiFi, LTE, by and by, but using (aka. 3.?.?) I couldn't connect to this server.
    So i searched network, found 3.0.23 (i didn't find any .apk file of versions between this one and last one), installed, and it works.
    Can connect, can speak etc. but i don't mind using this *ehm* buggy version. I have no idea what could happen. Server runs for 46 days for now, so no upgrade could happen (i'm not the owner). I asked owner if he did any changes of any settings on server, but he claims he didn't do any.
    Actually i don't have access to any PC to check certain versions or something, using only my Honor 5X with 6.0.1.
    Thanks for any help.

    (Sorry for language mistakes, i'm Polish)

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    Gdynia, PL
    This morning i thought, that maybe 3.1.3 will work, so I signed for beta, upgraded, and it works.

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