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    Server crash File Permissions for "Files" when deleting channels


    I came across a weird bug today that produced no errors and just crashed the server. First off, the server is a MySQL (Maria) backed server running

    In the "files/virtualserver_1/" directory, some of the channels were owned by root. This was due to a migration that happened and I must have missed these file permission changes previously (only a few channels, not all, which it why it wasn't caught).

    The bug happened when I attempted to delete one of the channels, which resulted in a server crash with no output at all in the error log on the server. I can only assume some file permission checking is missing from the deletion that is causing this.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

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    Can reproduce this, thanks for the report.
    We will look into this, though it's not really a supported scenario since the server is expected to be able to have full access to its own files. Nevertheless a crash isn't nice.

    There are some errors logged in the server instance log (_0.log) in my case though.
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    This will be fixed with the next server version.
    The channel will be deleted but files will be left behind on disk (obviously) and errors will be logged.
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