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    Can I have the same channel open on 2 computers without relogging?

    Typically, if I have two instances of Teamspeak running, one will have my username as is, and the other will have my username with an added "1" in the same channel.

    What I want to do is join a channel on my desktop, and enter the same channel on my laptop, and still be on the same identity.

    My intentions are to use the laptop microphone to speak, and have my headphones plugged into the desktop, as to hear everyone in the channel, and still go along with my activities, without having two identities with the same name in the same channel.

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    Not possible. Maybe spend a few bucks on a headset.

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    I've used only the local virtual audio cable yet, but VB-Audio also supports network audio transmission via VBAN.

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    I don't know what everyone in this thread is going on about
    if you're using two different computer systems, this should be fine.

    A limitation I can see, is that the server administrator can limit how many times you can be connected with the same identity. You can ask for this to be raised.

    I've been able to login to our server on both my desktop, and when I leave the house, I login from my phone and continue the conversation. This does not require me from logging out from the desktop, since our server lets us use the same identity with 2 connections tops

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