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    witheliste not working?

    Hello Community

    Version: on Linux

    Good evening community.
    I have a problem with the server query withelist.

    I have registered all the ips that should not be banned. However, it always happens.

    There are 27 ips registered and they are also loudly polluted

    updated query_ip_whitelist ips:, 193.*****/32, .....

    Without errors

    As soon as I run 2-3 scripts bots run on the same server the banned
    connection failed, you are banned (you may retry in 505 seconds

    The local IP as well as the server ip are entered.

    Is there a limit to the query ip withelist?
    I do not understand why you are still banned.

    Can anyone help me? thx you all

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    Are your bots connecting via IPv6 ::1? Please check the IP in their name.

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    No the server use no IPv6

    It has indeed ipv6 adjusted however in ts3server.ini have voice_ip=178.****

    Does this what if the server has both?

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    voice ip and query ip may be different. So unless you specify query_ip=xxx as well the query will also listen on IPv6. Since IPv6 is usually the preferred protocol in any OS these days it will choose IPv6 over IPv4 if possible.
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