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Of course you can, but there's differences. Twitter isn't so bad, but reddit is one of the worst offenders, they are worse than facebook, I should have wrote. Most sub reddits, are controlled by autocratic people and trolls, another reason to stay away from reddit. You don't get real hosted forums operated by trolls (rare) probably because it's a little harder to setup than say a dumb proof sub reddit.

I'm merely giving my opinion, back up what? The proof is right in front of you? Not sure what you're on about, go enjoy your reddit, you'll fit right in troll.


What a big baby you are, oh disapproved my post and message telling me I'm a troll.

@randomhost you are defienatly a troll and fit right into the reddit culture, go recommend reddit to your dumb friends, not here. This forum is perfectly fine.
Wtf is wrong with you? No more social media for you in this week, bud.