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    Quote Originally Posted by Giseler View Post
    In the time from Q4 2018 until now enough time has been to develop a complete teamspeak.

    I have never heard such a stupid shit like yours... Then program you one you idiot

    I would have patience, with your hurry it isn‘t fastet

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    Same STUPID!! license BS? Do i need to rent domains and webpages and prove to your nazi standards and then pay tons of money to have it all screw up anyway? Do i buy a license and then never get it? or even get a reply? Do i dump TONS of money? if so BUG OFF got no time! Discord blows hard yes!! but you know what? its FREE,no license awful BS!,I can have as many as i want on and i don't have to throw money at them every year! i don't get limited on donations THE LIFE BLOOD OF GAMING COMMUNITIES YOU FOOLS!! since we left our community has recovered. We are not closing servers anymore and we are flourishing.

    Under ts3 we were being strangled to death! we could not earn money to help pay for our servers! we had to pay 100$ to have more then 32 slots and never get the license anyway! TS5 don't mean jack and sh!t if your business model is not a radical departure from where it is now PERIOD!

    Till then aint no one got time for this crap.

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    The lack of communication by the devs is absolutely insane.

    Are they committing suicide?

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    Thumbs down Blacklist servers? WTF are u doing TeamSpeak?

    I knew you guys were gonna do some sh1t.
    Blocking servers that use NPL license was a fatal error.
    You compared online gaming communities that obtained an NPL license fairly, with fraudsters using a cracked license to resell servers.

    Look at the gravity of it.
    You have screwed old servers, old communities with thousands of users, out of simple ego and stupidity.
    Anyone who has the idea to do this may just be wanting the end of TeamSpeak, is not it clear? Fuck the idiot who had the brilliant idea of ​​killing servers using an NPL license.

    For God's sake, just send a message to the email registered in the NPL license asking the license owner to redo the registration and continue using legalized in the new system.
    It is not possible that even you did not think. So simple and obvious.

    Nice idea, geniuses, now all who have lost their servers for the stupidity of someone from TeamSpeak, will migrate to the Discord with full force.
    I want you to fuck off, you can ban me from this shit, it's no good here.
    A bunch of idiot drool balls of the administrators.

    You are incompetent, so you are behind and Discord has gained strength and was embraced by the entire gamer community and now you are wanting to return to the market, doing the shit they are doing, congratulations. You have sunk even more. Lol.

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