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    How to create a basic moderator server group from copying the normal users group?

    i noticed that per default the teamspeak server has 3 server groups (guests, normal and admins). I want to add a 4th group (moderators) that can do the following:
    - promoting and demoting guests <-> normal
    - kick and ban users up to normal (cannot kick/ban admins and moderators)

    My idea was to copy the normal user group and then just add the permissions i mentioned. But then i noticed that there are quite a lot of settings and i just do not want to experiment here, i just want it to work and do not want any bad surprises.

    Can anyone help me with this?
    How can i copy the normal user group without copying the users?
    Which permissions do i need to change and with values do i need to set up (i currently have the default settings, no changes)?

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    All suggestions i make consider that your Admin group has everywhere a needed and power of 75 to not get touched by mods.

    Normal group properties: i_group_needed_member_add_power 65; i_group_needed_member_remove_power 65, i_client_needed_ban_power 65; i_client_needed_kick_from_server_power 65; i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_power 65
    Moderator can promote/demote: i_group_member_add_power 65; i_group_member_remove_power 65
    Moderator can kick/ban up to Normal group: i_client_kick_from_server_power 65; i_client_kick_from_channel_power 65; i_client_ban_power 65

    So everything that has a needed of <=65 can be promoted/demoted, kicked and banned.

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    Good and simple suggestions.

    I would add to this that the moderators would be best as separate groups just with those added permissions, and that the moderator should retain being in the normal group as well as the additional moderator group. This makes it clearer to see who has what added permissions, and what it is meant to achive especially if there is a permission system upgrade and the autoupdate is set.

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