Hello. I have a problem that I'm not able to fix for months and it gets really annoying...
So when TS3 isn't running, my ingame sound is perfect (Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, Ark Survival, and every other games). But when I lauch TS3, my ingame sound becomes messy : oscillating between normal sound and a weird sound, as if i was far away or through an aquarium or anything else no matter what. It instantly happens at the moment i'm entering in a TS3 channel. It seems to be a conflict between TS3 and games mostly, but i also have the same negative interactions with youtube sound (less frequent). No interactions on music or videos from my computer documents.

I've downloaded TS3 from the official website, it's the latest version and it's working perfectly, no problem to hear my mates, the sound is clear.
It doesn't seem to be caused by an overload PC, as this problem also happens when i'm in low graphics settings while having TS3 running (exemple of the low graphic loader of League of Legends).
I've already set "do nothing" when communications are detected on my computer.
On TS3 i have the choice between DirectSound or Windows Audio Session, i've tried both unsuccessfully.
I'm on Windows 10, on an ASUS ROG G552VW-DM882T (core i7-6700HQ skylake quadri-core, GTX960M 2Go GDDR5, RAM 8Go DDR4, audio SonicMaster) bought in december 2016. My drivers are up-to-date, i've checked them.

Any ideas on what the problem could be ?