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    Unhappy Avatars only working for some

    Recently, me and some of our team members have been noticing that avatars can only be seen/set by a couple of select people on the server. For those that can't, when they try to assign one, it gives them this message locally:

    Transfer "avatar" reports: (no space left on device (disk full?))

    This message also appears when they try to upload files to a filebrowser.

    In the log, it says:

    5/23/2017 00:38:47 ClientUI Info Received empty avatar, skipping
    5/23/2017 00:38:53 UIHelpers Info Supported image formats: *.bmp *.gif *.jpeg *.jpg *.pbm *.pgm *.png *.ppm *.xbm *.xpm
    5/23/2017 00:38:55 ClientUI Info Avatar file size check: 1 500000
    5/23/2017 00:40:32 UIHelpers Info Supported image formats: *.bmp *.gif *.jpeg *.jpg *.pbm *.pgm *.png *.ppm *.xbm *.xpm

    ...etc, etc, each time I try to see/upload an avatar.

    I've checked the upload/download quotas and they check out. I'll post the log in the attachments for others to see; I literally don't know what to think/do

    Thanks for your help!
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