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    Server connect on data vs. wifi

    I have the latest IOS
    iPhone 5c
    I bought the app
    I have t-mobile 1 plan. (Unlimited data)
    For some reason I try to connect to a server using my data it doesn't let me connect to it. But when I use wifi it allows me. It's the same ip and everything. It's only when I use data to connect it will refuse. No matter if I have full bars or not.

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    Your ISP may be blocking TeamSpeak or the server is blocking mobile networks.
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    How would I go about seeing if it is blocking it.

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    For your ISP: Try to connect via WLAN over another ISP. This is what you did already.

    For target server: Try to connect to another server with mobile data to make sure it isn't your ISP blocking TeamSpeak. But it could also be that your ping or packet loss is to high. You may try more than 1 server.

    Then try via WLAN over another ISP. If that works than one of above is the case.

    If nothing works: Try to use a VPN (over mobile data & WLAN) which allows you to use UDP.
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    I can connect to different servers with my data, but i can't connect to one in particular

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    Contact the serveradmin outside of teamspeak (most likely they have a forum or social fanpages) and ask him to remove the block for you,

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