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    How to create a client with server query?

    Hello everyone.

    I am looking to create a client over server query.
    I prepared a php to manage the permissions and other configurations.
    The problem is... To create a server query login, i need to create it inside the teamspeak client.

    I want to know if there is a command to create a server query login (or a client) on the query login?

    The query port isn't available to the public, but i want to allow the server owners to manage their teamspeak servers using my website.
    If i configure the serveradmin password, the owner will see all servers (not very good). But, if i create a query login and logint on the website with that query login, then the owner only see his own server.


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    You cannot create a client, neither query nor voice.

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    That sucks!
    Teamspeak limits too much their functionalities...

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    To come back to your problem, you only have to look at other types of "Webinterfaces".

    All of them use the "serveradmin-queryuser" for their interfaces. You only have to validate the user, that is logged in, maybe against the client, that is available on teamspeak-server via a challenge-response-check.
    Request the user to select the client, connected to the teamspeak-server. Then send this user a "challenge-pw", which has to be entered on your interface. If this client has "admin-rights" on the teamspeak-server, you can also give him the informations for his server, and shows all things you want to be available in your webinterface.

    Or use one of the webinterfaces available, which could be easier for you.

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