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    Blocking Teamspeak from using devices it shouldn't need.

    I'm having an issue with teamspeak or ds4. I wanna know if there is a reason that teamspeak would be using any device that isnt a microphone headset or webcam. I wanna get exclusivity mode on ds4 but im having to shut down my teamspeak client every single time I want to get it along with steam and the usual programs that interrupt this. Does teamspeak have access to those devices and is there a way for it not to? Is it a problem with ds4 and that its just a bug with it? Thanks for the help, it would really make it easy for me to get exclusive mode with less programs that need to be shut down.

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    If it's attached through USB or registered as a HID, then yes TeamSpeak will detect and use it for hotkeys. You'd have to remove the Gamepad plugin and also select keyboard & mouse only in Tools -> Options -> Hotkeys in the bottom right dropdown.
    Then after restarting TeamSpeak it is probably not be accessed / detected anymore.

    Not sure why you'd want / need exclusive mode but in any case doing the above is all you can do in TeamSpeak to make it possibly not access the device anymore.
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