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    Allow Voice Activation in and PTT server

    I know this has been asked multiple times but I have yet to find an actual answer.

    I admin a forced PTT TS server but we want to allow Voice activation in one channel only (due to the specific game being played) is there a way to override the force PTT in a specific channel only?

    We are in a unique situation as we share a TS with another group and they are fine using Voice Activation but my group is a lot larger and we try to keep our communication as clear as possible. so being able to keep the channels Force PTT except for the one certain channel is preferable.

    I understand I can force PTT in all other channels and/or create a tag that overrides PTT totally, but we only want to allow Voice Activation in one specific channel only without changing anything else.

    Is this possible and if so how?

    thank you in advance for all your help in this matter

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    Set channel permission enable force ptt and then remove the checkbox so it's an empty checkbox.

    As long as the force permission doesn't have skip (or the group the global skip) and it doesn't come from a channel group then it should work just fine.
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