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    [Suggestion] Adding support for function keys F13 and onwards


    I regularly search for a key that is not used by my applications since I want to use it as hotkey in TeamSpeak 3. I have not found a key that is not used by any of my applications yet. Therefore, I have to change this key sometimes.

    I have some programmable extra keys on my keyboard. It would be nice if I could use them. However, I know that you probably won't use the libraries of some keybord manufactures to access such key. But there is another possibility. Everyone knows the function keys from F1 to F12 but there are more not accessible with standard keyboards. This function keys are called F13 to F24. As already mentioned, they don't exist on the keyboard but are supported by Windows and other operating systems. You can also find corresponding macros in C/C++ libraries like GLFW.

    Well, I just assigned some of this keys to the programmable extra keys on my keyboard to use them in TeamSpeak 3. Unfortunately, I discovered that TeamSpeak 3 is ignoring this keys and doesn't allow using them as hotkeys. I would like it if you could add support for this keys to the TeamSpeak 3 client. Then, I could simply use this "keys" (bound to my programmable keys) as hotkeys and would most likely bypass conflicts since this "keys" are not present on standard keyboards.

    Best regards

    EDIT (02.02.2019): I noticed that this issue has actually been resolved.
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