Hello everyone !

I do not know if I post to the right place but hey .. I hope

I have a teamspeak server that we will call "MyDomain". To connect to my "MyDomain" server I need to enter "MyDomain.ca:8767". So far everything is fine, but I recently installed a panel that blocks access to a port that teamspeak uses (I think because nobody can connect to my server teamspeak ..)

But in short, my question is: is it possible to have my teamspeak address "ts.MyDomain.ca" via another server than my server I use for my things ? Otherwise, my server is on (fictitious address) 444.333.222.444 and I would like to put it on 333.333.444.222 but keeping my domain name on and without that apache takes the place of 444.333.222.444

I do not know if I was clear, but if you have any questions do not hesitate!