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    Can i connect with a 3.0.4 SDK Client to a 3.0.2 SDK Server?

    Hi everyone!

    I have a TS3-SDK Solution since some years and wanted to create a new Mobile Client for it. My question is the following:

    Can I connect to a 3.0.2 SDK based server with a new 3.0.4 SDK based Client? I am too lazy to rebuild the server and all I need is “connect to server” and “get client id”. Everything else is handled by my own commands.

    Please tell me it is possible, really don’t want to rebuild everything when a new version available.

    Greetings: NeoX

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    just wanted to say that it works great! So you can build new projects based on the new API Version without rebuilding your Server-Software!

    This thread can be closed!

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