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    Teamspeak creates problems with games running

    Hey folks, I've just installed TeamSpeak 3 and Overwolf. I have a 2 monitor set up and have my TeamSpeak 3 window on the second monitor. When I run Overwolf, I use the TS3 app. When ever I open Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4 (not tested other games yet) both TS3 and OW apps disappear from the screen and I cannot access them.

    As well as that, if I try to minimize my game to access my desktop whilst the game is still active, the game crashes and doesn't allow me to open it from the task bar...

    Battlefield 1 and 4 both allow me to minimize them without issue when TS3 isn't running.

    If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it very much!


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    Hello ElementalRanger

    i found this for you and you can try this.

    TeamSpeak won't inject into the game or won't work with Overwolf?

    The best way to integrate TS with Overwolf is to activate TS in-game while Overwolf is already injected, try following these steps the next time you use the TS overlay:
    1.Make sure that Overwolf is running
    2.Start your game
    3.Overwolf injects to that game, make sure of that by clicking alt+tab, you should see the Overwolf dock (make sure your game is supported)
    4. Use the Overwolf TS App to launch TeamSpeak

    *Important note – when launching a game in administrator mode you may have issues injecting the TS overlay.

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