While I am not the server owner or have control over it, the current information leads to the assumption it has to be server related.

The Problem:

Clients (and I) experience strange cut offs or sound quality degradation mid and/or end sentence(of others).
The ping / packet loss can increase but doesn't have to during these events.

Additional info:

While I use wi-fi connection with extenders and I know that these caused said effects in the past, this problem is local to one server and could NOT be recreated on others. *
BUT only a small portion of the users have said bug, it is not global to every user on the server. *

I have yet to confirm whether every user (who experiences this bug) has the same network setup and broadband capacity.
Although with a range of 10 to 20 MBps down and 5 MBps up, I've tried to look for a network shortage (on my end) which could not be observed.

I connected to two servers at the same time, while one bugged out the other was not affected.
A tracert did not show any problems on the route to the server.
No Firewall, no AntiVirus, no Windows Defender and no Proxy on my end.

Thus it's <probably> not the server bandwidth or server load