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Thread: Lagging issues

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    Lagging issues


    Since a few days we are having problems with our Teamspeak-server.
    Almost everyone is getting robotic voices every now and then, and the server randomly disconnects people.

    The licens is a sponsored licens, and the machine is running Ubuntu with 1core CPU and 1GB ram (and about 20GB hdd).
    The version of the Teamspeak server is (2016-11-08 09:48:33)
    Average ping is 3 ms and according to the serverinfo it's having around 4.5% average packetloss.
    It's really weird as right now I am completly alone on the server, and the average packetloss is 10%???

    I frequently monitor the machine and during the problems there are almost no load to CPU, ram or disk.

    I am running Voice Desktop (Quality 6) on most of my channels, also got some Quality 8 channels.

    I have no clue on how to troubleshoot this anything further, so any help would be appreciated.
    Maybe I have missed some configuration or something

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    You can do this as a tenant of a Teampeak server against Laggs

    If possible, restart the server
    (Preferably with all the information you already collected, screenshots, values, etc.)
    Change supplier

    You can do this as ServerAdmin

    Restore Teamspeak instance
    Re-install Teamspeak
    Stop other services
    Reboot the server completely

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    Hi and thank you for your answer.

    The server has been restarted completly (also with the teamspeak instance).
    No other services is running on the server.

    Is there anything I can do to "improve" the logging if the problem occurs again?

    Since we have gotten this server sponsored, we cannot switch supplier without costing quite alof of money and redoing hours of work with channels and permissions

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    When the temaspeak is running on a OpenVZ server than is this the failure. Teamspeak Server did not run well on such a Server try to contact your sponsor and aks him if he can move the Teamspeak from the OpenVZ to a LXC Server they are the better one.

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