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    guiConnect always uses default identity

    Using this code
    void test(uint64 scH, uint64 oldid) {
    	char pw[INFODATA_BUFSIZE] = { '\0' };
    	char cHost[INFODATA_BUFSIZE] = { '\0' };
    	unsigned short port = 0;
    	char *uID = NULL;
    	char *ownName = NULL;
    	anyID ownID;
    	if ((error = ts3Functions.getServerConnectInfo(scH, cHost, &port, pw, INFODATA_BUFSIZE)) == ERROR_ok) {
    	std::stringstream wholeIp;
    	wholeIp << cHost << ":" << std::to_string(port);
    	if (error = ts3Functions.getClientSelfVariableAsString(scH, CLIENT_UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER, &uID) == ERROR_ok) {
    		if (error = ts3Functions.getClientSelfVariableAsString(scH, CLIENT_NICKNAME, &ownName) == ERROR_ok) {
    			if (error = ts3Functions.guiConnect(PLUGIN_CONNECT_TAB_CURRENT, wholeIp.str().c_str(), wholeIp.str().c_str(), password, uID, NULL, NULL, "default", "default", "default", "default", uID, "", "", &scH) == ERROR_ok) {
    				reconnecting = true;
    				lastChannelID = oldid;
    void ts3plugin_onClientMoveMovedEvent(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, anyID clientID, uint64 oldChannelID, uint64 newChannelID, int visibility, anyID moverID, const char* moverName, const char* moverUniqueIdentifier, const char* moveMessage) {
    	char *UID;
    	ts3Functions.getClientSelfVariableAsString(serverConnectionHandlerID, CLIENT_UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER, &UID);
    	printf("UID in client move %s\n", UID);
    	test(serverConnectionHandlerID, oldChannelID);
    everytime I get moved I reconnect with my client's default UID instead of the UID I'm getting with
    ts3Functions.getClientSelfVariableAsString(serverConnectionHandlerID, CLIENT_UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER, &UID);
    is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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    You're using it wrong.

    It wants the Identity Name as displayed in the Tools -> Identities list.
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