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    Teamspeak keeps crashing instantly on startup

    Hey guys,

    just reinstalled windows on my laptop after swapping the hard drive and tried to get teamspeak running.
    It always crashes when i start it up. I tried older versions of teamspeak and i tried deleting the appdata folder. Nothing seems to help. Fresh Windows 7 ultimate installation, fresh actual teamspeak client. No plugin bullshittery or anything else. TS is 100% vanilla.

    Also added the dump
    ================================================== ================================================== ==============================

    2018-10-02 19:42:18.512260|INFO | | |TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.2.2 (2018-09-17 10:01:05)
    2018-10-02 19:42:18.512260|INFO | | |SystemInformation: Windows 7 SP1 (7601) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
    2018-10-02 19:42:18.528261|DEBUG |Direct Sound | |setting timer resolution to 1ms -
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.592379|INFO |ClientUI | |Unable to create an Open GL context.
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.593379|ERROR |RevocationListCache| |Failed to import revocation list from cache
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.647382|INFO |Addons | |Checking for addon updates...
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.659382|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: gamepad_joystick_win64.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.762388|INFO |Gamepad Plugin| |Found client raw input wnd proc
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.762388|INFO |Gamepad Plugin| |Cleared device list
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.764388|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: lua_plugin.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.959400|INFO |Plugins | |Api version is not compatible for plugin: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\lua_plugin.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.963400|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: ts3g15.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.964400|INFO |Plugins | |Api version is not compatible for plugin: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\ts3g15.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.964400|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: appscanner_plugin.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.972400|INFO |Plugins | |Api version is not compatible for plugin: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\appscanner_plugin.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.974400|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: clientquery_plugin_win64.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.978401|INFO |Query | |listening on
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.979401|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: test_plugin.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.980401|INFO |Plugins | |Api version is not compatible for plugin: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\test_plugin.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.980401|INFO |Plugins | |Loading plugin: teamspeak_control_plugin_win64.dll
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.984401|INFO |ControlPlugin | |Control Plugin started, accepting connections
    2018-10-02 19:42:20.984401|INFO | | |*** Time [PLUGINS]: 325
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.010402|INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for accounting
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.011403|INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for myteamspeak id
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.065406|INFO |Addon | |Addon up to date.
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.128409|INFO |SyncImpl | |Creating default config in local storage
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.334421|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session| |DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - enter - DeviceDeleteList
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.334421|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session| |DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - leave - DeviceDeleteList
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.402425|INFO | | |*** Time [SERVERVIEWMANAGER]: 246
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.484430|INFO | | |*** Time [MAINWINDOW]: 2979
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.484430|INFO | | |*** Time [INIT]: 2979
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.485430|DEVELOP |ClientUI | |Notifications init: Soundpack path: C:/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client/sound\default
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.492430|INFO |ClientUI | |Qt version: 5.6.2
    2018-10-02 19:42:21.492430|INFO |ClientUI | |Using configuration location: C:\Users\BadDoggo\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\settin gs.db
    2018-10-02 19:42:22.675498|INFO |Bookmarks | |Collecting autoconnect bookmarks
    2018-10-02 19:42:22.678498|INFO |ClientUI | |Last update check was: Di Okt 2 21:32:10 2018
    2018-10-02 19:42:24.882624| |KeyBindings | |Default monitoring disabled

    I would appreciate help.

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    --force-opengl-soft seems to help me in this case

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    Post TeamSpeak 3.2.2 [Stable] Crash

    Hello guys. So, when I go to options (ALT+P) my TeamSpeak Client just crash without reason.

    Can someone help me?
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    delete post + attached files thanks

    Hello, good evening, I have problems with the installation and opening of ts on my Windows Ultimate 7. I state that I have updated all the updated drivers and the update of Windows, it seems that it has compatibility problems, once the procedure is done correctly of installation, at the start, after 2 seconds it stops and gives me a ts .. As per instructions I disabled the plugins with the mode -safemode, I set parameters like - force-opengl-desktop and -force-openlg- soft, but crasha the same In attachment I try to attach all the details of the crash

    it is impossible to attach the txt dxdiag file to this forum. I try to copy the main features
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    Re from one of the duplicate posts that i deleted instead of that one .....

    The attached zip file is corrupt but not needed here.

    From the attached log and dxdiag i see 2 problems.
    Your sound card driver and graphics card driver are not maintained since 2009 and 2011.

    The graphics card does not support a feature we need for the client and zhis is why it does crash..

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    The error "Unable to create an Open GL context" appears when your graphics card or driver can't handle required OpenGL properly.
    This can happen on really old devices or integrated graphics card.

    • Make sure your drivers are up to date (includes your graphics card driver was maintained last months or at least last 2 years).
    • Install latest Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Updates (and Win 7 service pack).
    • Try to run the client with start parameter --force-opengl-soft as a workaround.
      But we can't promise that this will fix your issue.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Teamspeak 3 Crash on startup

    Today my teamspeak decided to crash on startup.
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    New Install Crashes on Startup

    I installed the latest teamspeak 3 client and my Toshiba netbook. It installed with no issues but after accepting the EULA it crashes. Re-installing has not worked and I attached the dump file. This is a first time install so it never worked before and this netbook has windows 7 starter edition. Also all windows updates are current including .net framework.
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    [CRASH] TeamSpeak Error

    Hello everyone!

    What client version is running: TeamSpeak3-Client-win64-3.2.3
    Offer us a Client log:
    What operating system is working: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bits
    All important OS updates are installed: Yes
    The latest drivers (sound card, network card, USB devices, graphics card, etc.) are installed: Yes
    This worked before: The client version works without problems on my computer, but after I install the latest version, when I open TeamSpeak it crashes automatically.
    Failure reports crashdumps DxDiag:

    Please help me!
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    Crash on startup

    im not good at englinsh this i want to say first

    Hi i have a problem with TS3,he crash at startup, i have Windows 7 64 bit, i tried to reinstall windows 7 so many times, same result, and i dont know how o resolve this problem, anyone can say how to resolve this problem, please help me

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