I'm building a small TS server for just a handful of people. Our members should be able to create their own channels, while a few sub-admins have enough power to do almost anything. Guests can use the public channels, or be invited to private channels, but they can't create any channel.

I made 2 servergroups: "Tigers" (copy of "Normal") and "King Tigers" (copy of "Server Admin", with slightly reduced power). Tigers have their various powers set to 50, King Tigers to 70. I added the channel group "Channel Tiger" by copying "Channel Admin" and set most of their powers to 60. (Yeah, my clan has something to do with Tigers )

What I hoped to achieve, was that my members could set all sorts of permissions and settings on their own channels. But they can only change the basics like channel type and audio, not the channel permissions like join, subscribe or download power.

Now when a Tiger creates a channel, he becomes Channel Tiger. The permissions overview tells me he has i_channel_permission_modify_power and i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power set to 60 and 60 grant. Same for i_channel_modify_power, i_channel_join_power and i_channel_subscribe_power.

Like this:

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Why can't this Tiger edit the channel permissions?