Hi all, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this problem I'm having. I'm running a TS3 server and all but one of my friends can connect. No PC's behind his router (Netgear Nighthawk R7000) can connect to my server. But my other friends can with no problems.

He connected a PC directly to his modem (Comcast) and was able to connect to my server just fine. As soon as he puts his PC behind his Netgear router, he can't connect. Just a generic "Failed to connect to server" message. I've checked the logs on my server and it actually lists him as connecting and then leaving the room almost immediately. However, I never actually see him connect/disconnect when I'm in the server on my own client.

Here's another kicker, he can view the server list and can connect to other servers just fine while behind the router. But he can't connect to mine behind his router. But also, he can connect to my server just fine when he bypasses his router. So I can't figure out where the problem is, on his side or on my side. Anyone have any ideas?

I've tried putting my server in the DMZ just temporarily and he still can't connect. He tried putting his PC in the DMZ of his Netgear router and it still wouldn't connect. He tried disabling all of the security and firewall settings in his router such as DDOS protection/respond to ping/etc. Nothing would ever allow him to connect unless he bypassed his router. We both have local Comcast and my other friends who can connect just fine through their own routers (one even has a Netgear router) also have Comcast. His router is also enabled for UPNP.

This has been so frustrating. I could use any help at all.