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    remove power to move other clients from default guest group

    so as the title says, on my server people are able to move anyone (other users) around as they want, i want to know how to completely remove that power, meaning i want them to just come to the server and move freely to any channel they want but i do not want anyone, moving anyone else.
    i honestly cannot believe that this is so complicated that i had to get an account to ask for help, i asked several ppl for help noone could solve this.
    anyway thanks in advance

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    it's easy, none of your groups have i_client_needed_move_power (or it gets overridden by e.g. channel perms). When a permission isn't assigned it's value is 0, so while your guests probably don't have any client move power, nobody needs any move power to move clients around.

    You can move a client if your i_client_move_power >= other clients' i_client_needed_move_power. If both are not set then it's 0 >= 0 which is valid, and moving thus allowed.

    Add i_client_needed_move_power to all groups you don't want to be moved, or add a negative i_client_move_power (e.g. -50) to guests if you want every non-guest to be able to move everyone else around.
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