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    Question for temporary password

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Note: restarting the server deletes the password.
    May I ask why it is designed like that? I also found that out the hard way. (No hint or explanation in the temp password menu)

    I mean there are many TS server which are restarting daily, or even company's like Nitrado which are starting the server only if a client wants to connect (so shutting it down if all clients disconnected, etc).

    So a Temp-pw which I needed for an entire week (due to a study-project) wouldn't be doable with such a server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimos View Post
    May I ask why it is designed like that?
    Sure you can ask, but in your own thread or a thread where this is topic! Your post was moved out of the bug thread.

    Our concept of temporary means: It isn't stored in any database. Channel and groups use the same concept.

    The request was from clans and guilds in the past.
    They wanted something to invite people for one raid or clan fight but don't wanted to tell these guests the password.
    And optional send these guests into the target channel.

    So it needed a password that doesn't last that long and is able to move the users to their target location.
    We decided to build it in, but not to store the password in server's database. Thats part of the original server password already.
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    So and there is no way we could at least get a hint that temp-pws are only valid until the next server restart?

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