Hey folks
we want to inform that TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.5 is now available in our stable channel.

In order to better support High DPI displays, most icons are no longer limited to 16x16 and SVG images are now also supported. Icons will be scaled in most locations. Iconpack creators may want to look into updating their packs to use SVG icons, however old PNG packs will still be supported.
Additionally the Infoframe templates no longer contain hardcoded text and are now translated by Qt, through the regular Qt translations. As such translations don't have to include theme related files anymore and themes don't have to include multiple copies of the (pretty much) exact same file anymore. As such the infoframe templates changed considerably, Theme Authors may want to look into the new default and prepare to update their themes for this change.

Additional to the High DPI features:
This release fixes a crash where user had no nickname on the server.
The high CPU load of 50-100% for the Linux client is now history.
Broken cached 0 byte icons will now loaded from the server again as long the file transfer is enabled on the server.

Full changelog:
=== Client Release 3.1.5 20 Jul 2017
+ Added possibility to overwrite Qt style icons with custom iconpacks
+ Added tooltips over client and channel items in server tree
+ Added support for SVG Tiny 1.2 (static only, no animations) icons. Most 
  icons are no longer hardcoded to fixed size 16x16.
+ Replaced included default_mono and default_colored iconpacks with SVG icons.
  Iconpacks with PNG icons are still supported, so existing third-party
  iconpacks continue to work. We encourage third-party iconpack authors to
  update their iconpacks with SVG icons.
+ Overhauled icons in most windows for improved support for high dpi monitors.
* Updated Qt to 5.6.2 on Windows and macOS
* Updated Visual Studio C++ runtime on Windows to 14.0.24215 (MSVC 2015-3)
* New default style for infoframe based on "Improved Default" by Sven Paulsen.
* Removed old default/modern/classic styles.
* Rewrote translation mechanism for infoframe styles. Translations now come
  from lagos_xx.qm and are filled by C++, so multiple language templates are
  no longer necessary. However, for legacy style support, language templates
  will be loaded with priority. So if e.g. clientinfo_de.tpl exists, it will
  be used. If not, clientinfo.tpl is loaded, which should contain the new
  translatable placeholders.
* Updater no longer downloads banner from server, banner is now hardcoded in
  executable. Dynamic banners currently not needed.
- Addon management UI now properly shows state when plugins failed to
- Multiple minor fixes to recently overhauled hotkey system
- Fixed infinite password dialog in file browser when using cancel
- Multiple minor filetransfer fixes
- Uninstaller now automatically closes the client instead of showing dialog.
- Fixed some wrong icon names in default iconpacks, which caused these icons
  to be loaded from fallback default.zip.
- Automatically clean null icons from icon cache when updating from 3.1.4
  to 3.1.5 client. 3.1.4 might have downloaded SVGs which it cannot use, which
  caused creation of an empty icon file.
- Fixed package installer crash on Windows 32-bit OS.
- Fixed length check in various nickname input fields. Trim whitespaces before
  calculating length when doing validity checks.
- Added bandaids for misbehaving audio drivers on Windows
- Fixed possible Windows soundbackend crash reported by crashdumps
- Fixed possible spontaneous crash during client runtime
This version will not longer work on Windows Vista. It's a mistake in the changelog that this line was added to client 3.1.5.
Client is the last version supporting Windows Vista.

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