Hi, I recently changed hosting for my teamspeak 3 server so I thought that this is great moment to clean the mess I've made while working with the one I had for this time. There was mess in database, permissions etc. because I was still learning but after some time I cleaned up my permission system so it was working nice and was looking pretty good (still on the old server). Now that I changed hosting I just copied permissions from old server to a new server (not in database I was just looking at old permissions and changing in new) which should work perfectly but unfortunately life is not simple and it didn't work at all. Moderator group that should be able to add game groups like CS:GO, ArmA 3 etc to users with "registration" groups like male and female weren't able to so something must've gone wrong. So I checked permissions and everything was looking good but I had to do something so I started changing permissions that most likely wont fix anything and as I thought they didn't, so I tried basic permissions system, in moderator group I've set that they can assign groups to people that are in normal groups (registered) and later I changed game group to normal in basic permission system (they were set as unkown before) and magically I was able to assign four game groups which makes no sense to me because I changed it in only one group. But there were still other ranks that I wasn't able to assign so I was thinking what can I do next? In the meantime I've noticed that one of groups is down in the "tree group" so I changed permission i_group_sort_id to what it was supposed to be and magically I was able to assign all game groups (WTF?!) but there were still other groups 4fun etc. so I made sure they have permission i_group_needed_member_add_power set to 60 which is lower from i_group_member_add_power for Moderator and it was looking good so again I changed it to normal group in basic permission system and again magic happened, I am able to assign every group that I should be able to. So it turns out my permission system was so clean as I thought or teamspeak permission system just doesn't like me.

Now please can someone explain me how the heck it happened? I can provide you anything you need to explain it to me.

If it's hard to read or understand then I am truly sorry and I'll try to make my future posts easier to read and understand.