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Thread: Group "NEW"

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    Group "NEW"

    Hi everybody, I do not know if I'm doing this post in the right place, but I try. I created my TeamSpeak3 server recently, and I will have a question:

    How to make the users (who connect for the first time) on my Teamspeak, have the rank "New" (it will not be able to go in different channels, etc ...). To become a "member" of my TS, they will have to call an administrator (I know how to give them the rank of Member), but the question is: How do I, so when they connect for the first time on my Teamspeak, They have the grade "New"?

    Answer me as soon as possible! Thank you very much !

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    That group is the Guest group. You either edit it or set your existing NEW group in the virtual server settings.

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