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    Autojumping if user joins specific channel

    I'm supporter on a teamspeak server and am searching for a client-based plugin that automatically moves myself (if possible after about 3 seconds, not instant) into a specific channel, if a non specified user joins a specific channel.

    Here a little example:

    I'm on, let's say: "Channel A".
    Now a user joins "Support Waiting Room".
    In this case, I want to be automatically moved, if possible with a delay of like 3 seconds, from "Channel A" to "Support Room 1".

    Is there a way to realize this? I don't have any experience in coding, so it'd be hard coding it by myself.

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    This should be doable using just lua scripting in TS, then you do not have to worry about Plugin API changes for the most part. Likely if you have several support rooms you could have it go to the first empty one and then even move that user into the channel, if you have needed permissions of course.

    Also, also if you are already in a support room, or set to away, I'm guessing you would want it to do nothing.

    Even cooler is if you have several supporters all running this script you could have it in the background all users that are not in a support session already toss out a random number from 1-100 and lowest or highest wins and is only one that does support action after 3 second delay.

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