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    Get UniqueId by rightclick

    Is there a Theme or a Script to get the unique id of a teamspeak client?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZauberPole View Post
    Is there a Theme or a Script to get the unique id of a teamspeak client?
    You could do it with ServerQuery.
    There is a command called ClientGetIDs
    Displays all client IDs matching the unique identifier specified by cluid.
    clientgetids cluid={clientUID}
    clientgetids cluid=dyjxkshZP6bz0n3bnwFQ1CkwZOM=
    cluid=dyjxkshZP6bz0n3bnwFQ1CkwZOM= clid=1 name=Janko
    error id=0 msg=ok

    You can use that command with any language that can access the ServerQuery interface (So pretty much any that support telnet)

    I dont know about themes...

    I use python to do these things, since there are alredy TS3 libs there, and you dont have to write your own

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    This is in client plugin questions.
    There are several themes, yes. Extended Client Info can do what you want. For plugins, I don't know.

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    What do you need this functionality for? If you simply want to find and copy the client id into the clipboard, no plugin or special theme required. Right-click the client or a chatlog-entry of the client -> Permissions -> Client permissions and in the top left input field you find the unique id of that client and can copy it to the clipboard.
    If you don't have permission to open that dialog window, you can also drag a logged-in client into the chat input field, where you get a [URL=... template. The client id is the string starting after the second slash, ending before the "~".

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