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    [Beta Channel] TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.6

    TeamSpeak Client version 3.1.6 is now available for testing in the beta channel.

    This release adds the ability to connect to your favorite servers using a short custom nickname. These can be created on the myTeamSpeak website. A myTeamSpeak account is required to register a nickname, which you can then direct to your server, using either an IP address or a domain name. Every user may currently create up to 5 of these.
    This release also adds support to enter these nicknames into the server and for displaying the nicknames in the client. However this is currently not usable as it requires a new server release which is not planned to arrive until the second half of September. With said server release the nicknames for the server can be stored on the server, allowing server admins to display the custom short nicknames for the server to clients.

    Furthermore this client release will lower the frequency of the "failed to connnect to myTeamSpeak" notifications to once every 6 hours.

    Full changelog below:
    === Client Release 3.1.6 07 Aug 2017
    ! Added Server Nicknames feature. Register a server nickname on the webpage to let users easily connect to your TS3 server.
    ! Added support for new server property and permission, which allows you to
    enter registered server nicknames as server property to display it to all
    users on this server.
    * Support for new black/graylist backend.
    * Support for new server license features.
    * Don't spam "failed to connect to myteamspeak server" notifications. Show
    it once after client start and then again only in intervals of 6 hours.
    - Windows sound backend overhaul continued.
    discussion here

    How to activate the beta
    Start your client and then open Tools -> Options. Under the Application tab you will find the "Update Channel" and the possibility to select beta update.
    You can trigger the update under Help -> Check for Update.
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    Beta 2 was released, improving stability and fixing a few issues discovered during Beta 1.
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