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    IOS Spacer and Icon sorting


    IOS Doesn't seem to listen the sort ids on ts3 when displaying the icons.

    Also, one of the rooms in teamspeak displays like this:
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    The room name is:
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    Same bugs as on Android (posted in the incorrect forum). They have been fixed there. I don't know if those apps use the same codebase, but it they do, stuff would be fixed.

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    We will evaluate both problems.
    The apps do not use the same codebase

    1. Sorting for Icons in server tree and client info looks fine here.
    The sorting for groups also looks fine.

    2. Your spacer formatting wrong. This is not a bug on iOS client.
    This is the right format for a repeating spacer: [*spacer64]___

    The pc client will show it as a spacer, but this is an old unsolved bug in the pc client.
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