I'm trying to figure out why the x64 Linux client on Arch (full details below) is not playing nicely with any mods I've tried installing. Our TS3 package builds and installs perfectly to /opt/teamspeak3, installs $HOME dirs, and doesn't complain about Qt libs or anything (I'm running Cinnamon), but the in-app interface under Addons just plain does not function. I don't know if this is by design though, since I'm running a GTK desktop which also uses OpenGL exclusively because that's how Muffin rolls. On top of that I have some custom Qt settings like lib-gnomeui with qgnomeplatform defined as my default Qt app theme, and honestly I'm not smart enough to determine exactly which level of this is the issue. It could also just be how our Arch package is designed, never meant to use the in-app API stuff, but the Wiki and Google aren't much help. I went to the AUR and got a couple plugins, the SDK, and found a teamspeak3-addon-installer package that built fine, but doesn't do much. But having plugins in our AUR tells me that it's possible ANY addon or mod just won't be compatible out of the box with Arch and our x64 client. Again though, that's just me guessing.

Anyone have any advice here? I'm competent with gconf, Qt, python and bash. Nothing special, but if some kind of full recompile needs to happen or if I'm shit out of luck doing this the easy way, I might be able to debug it. I prefer the easy way though, like having TS3 itself handle premade packs, like it presumably does for Windows, Mac and maybe Ubuntu.

If my only choice is total manual install by overriding default files in the TS3 root dir, so be it, I can handle that if it's a last resort. However, I have a bad feeling that my Qt or Gnome/Cinnamon theme settings or the way OpenGL is run statically in Muffin that it's gonna look like shit or be half-broken.

System info (inxi -S):

Kernel: 4.12.4-1-ARCH x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: Cinnamon 3.4.4 Distro: Arch Linux